The extended COVID-19 lockdown in Greater Sydney presents us with many unknowns, and as a result, we have decided that an in-person MAX21 Artisans Fair event this year would be too risky and challenging to attempt. We also know that our good friends at The Fairmont Resort & Spa do not wish to put at risk their patrons or ours.

However, we have been busy considering alternatives for this years’ MAX21. And, like you, we really would like to celebrate our brilliant local arts and crafts. Where in-person events are in doubt, many galleries and art shows are turning to online platforms. We hope you enjoy what we have come up with..

We are presenting the MAX21 website as a promotional platform for artisans and artists to exhibit their works, to promote their various touchpoints on the internet, and to draw them into the growing Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network where we can still continue to promote them this coming October with special initiatives which we can then continue throughout the year and into 2022.

We also hope we can encourage more artists to be listed on the site to make it an attraction, so their work becomes more visible to the general public. This will create wide interest in new work and the opportunity to connect with new buyers.

We offer links from artists’ pages on the MAX21 site to theirr online shops or to our MAX21 website shop which will launch soon. There will be regular promotion on MAX21 Facebook and Instagram pages, BMCAN Facebook and Instagram pages, inclusion on other affiliate websites, and our marketing partners’ webpages.

If you are a Blue Mountains artist or artisan and this is of interest to you, contact us at

If you are a BMCAN member and wish to be involved we do have special rates so contact us now.