Feather Linen Tan Leather Brass Ring Door Stop


Art is more than just a picture framed and hanging on the wall, you know?

Functional art is a craze that’s been sweeping the world of late, and we hope it never goes away! Back in the day, purposeful items rarely looked good – after all, they had a purpose, and they weren’t meant to look good pretty while they fulfilled it.

You could say that the Scandinavians led the way (and perhaps still do) in this concept…but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun down under in Australia! ART is just what it sounds like: artistic objects. Objects that can be used, every day, and appreciated up close and personal.

Doorstop looking decidedly dowdy? Then feast your eyes on these gorgeous Brass Ring Pyramid Doorstops. Made in Australia from heavy-duty fabrics, these decorative little doorstops are heavily weighted with sand, so they’re guaranteed to live up to their expectations, and are topped with brass rings that allow for easy lifting. Their eclectic patterns and colours also make them look extra trendy, too!


Brass ring door stop. Feather hand printed on linen,tan leather sides with brass ring adornment. Sand & poly/fibre filled. Zip to refill & clean.

Remove sand & poly/fibre fill. Warm hand wash. Do not immerse tassel. Drip dry.

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Weight 2 kg


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